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by Wet Meadows

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Wet Meadows FAQ

1. What is Botanical Rock?

"Bot Rock" relies upon botanical or other natural entities as sources for its subjects, characters, embellishments, aesthetic, metaphor, and even musical form. It essays to rock, whilst incorporating these elements.

2. Do I need to know the Latin names of southeastern trees, shrubs and woody vines, to enjoy Bot Rock?

We hope not. However, knowing their generic names at least should enrich your listening experience.

3. What are the common themes in Bot Rock?

Like all forms of rock-n-roll, Bot Rock proceeds from the assumption that the apparent subject matter is at least partially euphemistic for something difficult or illegal to discuss openly. However, Bot Rock is closely related to Folk Rock, which is characterized by an intentional abandonment of this assumption. The answer then, is "either sex, or something else."

4. Is this for real?



released October 26, 2017

Jonathan Hart -- bass, synths
Brian Williams -- drums
Richard Milligan -- guitar
Bryan Nuse -- guitar, etc.

Help came from:
Lane Seabolt -- backup vocals, sponsorship
Jesslyn Shields -- vocals, patience
Josh Skinner -- drones
Hanna Lisa Stefansson -- synth
Odessa Nuse -- artwork


all rights reserved



Wet Meadows Athens, Georgia

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Track Name: Out On My Bicycle
I'm out on my bicycle
You can't reach me
You get satirical
You can't tell me

You can ride your Tampa White
You can hang with Carol
Try to rectify the night
Questions and apparel

I'm out on my bicycle
You can't catch me
Get so empirical
You can't feel me

Icarians all around you
Lecturing each other
Checking their salted cabbage
Trying to choose a lover

I'm out on my bicycle
You won't glimpse me
May be maniacal
You can't hold me

Surely you're from California
Blurred around the edges
We can see your purple aura
Muhly among sedges

I'm out on my bicycle
You can't call me
Feel so botanical
You can't touch me
Track Name: Take One
If you could take one
when you go.
to your home.
when you go.
You might take two, you don't know.

Take this rock down
deep in your shoes.
don't you feel blue.
deep in your shoes.
Then they'll never fit on you.

And cattle in their cars.
Rattling their bars.
Creosote and stars.
And shoes shined black with tar.

Set this cracked frame with
stone and brick.
Mend this split rail with
wire thick;
What you came for,
that's not it.

Let the rain fall through
leaf and limb,
Let the rain fall through a
crevice thin.
In that rhythm
let it sing.
Track Name: Strong Signal
Well the signal was strong
But the feeling was wrong
And you're coming awake
But it's taking too long.

Too many celestial signs
Weather is running wild.
Color is all confused
Like the tide.

You're building a wall
There's granite involved
And a measure of time:
What magic is called.

You try to keep in the flock
Aim to keep out the wolves
Make an unnatural line
And it works.

Well you're building that wall
With the slate that you saw
It's curving through space:
What mercy is called.

Something will come along
Scatter those stones you laid
Mocking the work you made
And sanctifying.
Track Name: Late Summer
Late summer
and the light is white.
Flycatcher singing in the whiteness of the light.
Bending the branches that have hardened in the haze.
Chasing the insects going in an out of phase.

Late summer
digging socks again.
Vine green curtain hanging loosely in the wind.
Picking the grapes up as they split upon the ground.
Winding the tapes up that were melted and unwound.

You people
Don't know who I am:
Gallium thriving for a moment in the sand.

Late summer
counting fish again.
Stretching the ruler from opercle to the fin.
Put all the faces that you know inside a jar.
Clean up the wet lab and walk down into the bar.
And go on home.
Track Name: Space
What else could there be to youth
But setting your trucks to run?
Riding out towards the sun,
What else could be to...?

Who else could there be on earth
But someone you saw tonight?
Swimming in candlelight,
Who else could there be on...?

What more could there be in light
But movement we'll never see
Foaming up off the sea
What more could there be in...?

What else could there be in space
But something you need to find?
Calling you all the time
What else could there be in....?

What else could there be to love
But setting your horse to run?
Riding out past the sun,
What else could be to...?
Track Name: Flood You
I'm your river, babe
And I was made
For many unknown reasons
But one of them, I think, is
To flood you

Here's my issue now
I have no friend
To prod me or cajole me
To shove me or dare me
To your side

But I'm your river, babe
And like a dam
You're holding me back firmly
And I can't see your face clearly
Or interpret the expression
Of your eyes

But the moon is big and pink, babe
Yellow, orange, opal
Like an ox put out to pasture
In the sky

And we watch it from our own hill
We sit and laugh about it
Twining vetch and purple daisies
In our hair

And we're grabbing stems of Cardamine
Veronica and bindweed
'Cause we know that they're the mayflies
Of the field

And I'm your river, babe
And I was made to flood you
Like a warm bath after cold wind
Like the tide

I'm your river, babe
And I was made
For many unknown reasons
But one of them I feel is
To flood you
Track Name: Untouched
Untouched, but still a slave
Unpardoned, but still unplayed
I have talked about you long enough
Without a thought to mentioning your name
Or how you came

And sir, what have you said?
All comfort is driven from my bed
Had you never given thought to this
That I might be an ordinary kiss
Without a wish

And sir I was upset with you
Now there's nothing more I can do
You led me to
This lonesome cloud
In the blue


To storm and then to flood
Three rivers all red with mud
If we ever see their banks again
I'll hate to see the changes that were done
Without the sun

And sir, now that it's brung
This notion, whether said or sung
That you just might know the things you claim
And I might be a saint without a name
A goddamn shame

Well you've given me turquoise
And you've given me gold
Lapis lazuli and a mirror to hold
You never gave me nothing
I knew how to use
And the only thing you told me
Was that I had to choose
Track Name: Unstable
Like a cable, you can't be just twisted any way.
Or a fable, you can't be retold just any day.

Like a cloth without an edge
Or a lawn without a hedge

You're unstable
You don't know just where you'll end up next.


Like a mason, you're troubled by rumors in the ground,
While the heavens are rending themselves with vicious sound.

Like a frost without a freeze
Or a sail without a breeze

You're unable
You're balancing things you cannot see.
Track Name: Understanding
Understanding, come to grant me vision.
That's what I need from you;
Maybe I'm calling too
Softly to bother you.

Understanding, come to grant me vision.
That's what I need from you;
Maybe I'm calling too

Late this evening. I can see the moon
Blazing through all the trees,
Whispering to the leaves

Stark opinions out into the air,
None of them true of course.
Riding a painted horse

Up your driveway, singing like a stream.
Long and lengthy;
Quick, too, a Malmsteen.
Mallows in bloom serene.

{Overflowing, cover everything
Water unending,
Water without an end.}

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